Halloween Pool Party Ideas

If your scrambling for the last minute party, we have a great idea! Why not a Halloween Pool Party?  Carving pumpkins can be messy but it is easy and if you look at the above picture you can see how some simple jack-o'-lanterns can make your spa look creepy cool at night. Having kids

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Swimming Pool Trends for 2015

Swimming pools have always been popular. In fact, Ancient Greeks and Romans even used swimming pools. Although they weren’t called swimming pools and weren’t for swimming, they were used for training and exercising. Later when modern people started building swimming pools for swimming, they started out really plain. You had white walls, white trim, white

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Pool Remodeling Tips to Keep Your Pool Looking Cool

Would your kids rather hang out at the river than by your pool? Is it because your pool is drab or in need of repairs? When even your kids are avoiding the pool, it’s time for a renovation. The following pool remodeling tips give you some ideas on how you can beautify a shabby swimming

Pump it Up and Save

Are you thinking of having your own swimming pool in Sacramento but the thought of the expenses is making you feel unsure? Sometimes when we think of swimming pools, we can’t help but think of the expenses that come with it. But there is way to reduce the two biggest swimming pool expenses: water and

Welcome to Adams Pool Sacramento

For over half a century, the Adams name is recognized for setting the pool industry standard for quality craftsmanship and superior service. Started by Earl Adams in 1953, Adams Tile & Plaster expanded into the Sacramento market in 1990. Dave Gross has been part of the Adams family working for Earl since he was very

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Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer?

Spring is just about over and summer is already breathing hot air down our backs. If you're like me, you're already dreaming of jumping into cool, refreshing waters. But there's one problem...the pool's not as ready as I am for that dream to come true. To get a swimming pool ready to use for the

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Common Pool Repairs – Repairing Pool Caulking

Owning a swimming pool comes with a lot responsibilities - most of which focus on maintenance and pool repairs.  My next few blog posts will give you information and advice on some of the most common pool repairs. If an issue persists or is not an easy fix,  contact Adams Pool Specialties - a professional resource - to assess the situation. On

When it’s Time to Close Your Pool for the Winter…

Okay, I know it's still August, but I just want you to be prepared once the days become cooler. As it is,closing a swimming pool down for the winter is a gradual process as it's best to take time to do it right. This will prevent pool problems during the winter season and avoid any

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