Are you thinking of having your own swimming pool in Sacramento but the thought of the expenses is making you feel unsure?

Sometimes when we think of swimming pools, we can’t help but think of the expenses that come with it. But there is way to reduce the two biggest swimming pool expenses: water and electricity. Don’t let sky high water and energy prices make you reject the idea of creating your dream swimming pool. There are ways of conserving energy by simply using the right type of pool pump and operating it properly.

Follow the tips below to learn how you can reduce your monthly bills on electricity and water and still get the most out of your swimming pool.

Tip 1: Use an energy-efficient swimming pool pump for less.

According to the government website, Energy Savers, you can save energy by installing and operating an energy efficient pool pump. Using a higher efficiency pump will result in less operating costs. The conclusion was made after a study of 120 pools was conducted by the Center for Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University. The findings show that homeowners can save up to 75% on their pool pump’s operation costs. With this tip, you can do the same!

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Tip 2: The size of your pump matters.

Roseville, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, and even Reno residents should also take note of the size of their pool pump because Adams Pool Specialties can give them a great deal on a pump. Remember the larger the pump, the greater pumping and maintenance cost you will need to handle. Because of this, you may want to use the smallest-sized pump possible. The size of the pump, however, should also be in coherence with the size of your pool. In order to ensure you have the right size, contact our pool specialists for consultation.

According to the same study by CEC, a smaller pump (0.75 horsepower) fits fine with a residential pool. Smaller pumps are generally less expensive, and if you decrease the hydraulic resistance of the pool circulation systems, you can save up to 40% of electric usage.

Tip 3: Cut down on your filtration time.

In order to keep your pool from turning green, you should use your pump for 8 to 10 hours. But doing so could be costly. We recommend that you do a pool pump experiment: cut the usage time down to 6 hours. Observe if this amount of time can still do the same job. If not, a gradual increase wouldn’t be bad. Adjust the time by increasing it in half-hour increments. A timer would also work best for you to keep the number of filtering hours consistent every day.

Another tip is to use a 2-speed pump, which allows you to run the pool pump on low and high speeds. High speed is good to use when your spa needs vacuuming or when you are mixing chemicals with the water. When not doing these, maintain your pump at low speed. This way, you’ll save on your electric bill and still have a clean swimming pool.

Tip no. 4: Clean up your pool.

Finally, keep your swimming pool free from debris or any other form of dirt that could clog the pump. When a pump is clogged, it will be forced to work harder and thus, use more energy. A good practice is backwashing your filter appropriately.

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