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If your scrambling for the last minute party, we have a great idea! Why not a Halloween Pool Party?  Carving pumpkins can be messy but it is easy and if you look at the above picture you can see how some simple jack-o’-lanterns can make your spa look creepy cool at night.

Having kids over and need a fun activity for them.  Buy enough pumpkins for all the participants and maybe some extras and throw them in the pool.  Pumpkins float so you can have all the kids jump in the water and grab the pumpkin that they want to carve or decorate.  If you choose to have the participants decorate their pumpkins instead of carving the creative opportunities are endless!  You can have the kids paint the pumpkins, or even glue rhinestones  on the pumpkins and it is a lot less messy than the old carving method!

Having a Harvest/Fall Party no problem!  You can create a beautiful design using  pumpkins and various other gourds and bamboo as shown or some branches.  It  will add so much in decor and your guests will love your creativity!

Halloween decorating is all about creativity and anything goes!  This swimming pool is the highlight of the spooky surroundings with the orange layer of the pumpkin etched out so that the pumpkins float still.  Make sure to turn on your pool lights at night to help it look spooky and even get some dry ice and place it near the pool to enhance the look.  Please remember never swim in a pool that might have dry ice in it to prevent injury.

The swimming pool picture above is pure class!  Make sure to check with your pool builder to see if it is ok to put soap bubbles in your pool.  The lights surrounding the pool give it a romantic feel and would be perfect for a Halloween masquerade  party.

This very modern swimming pool can be decorated with these balloons for a Halloween party or  for any party you might have.  All you need for this look is white balloons and glow sticks.  Place the glow sticks in the balloon after blowing up making sure to crack the glow sticks prior to putting  in the balloon or it will not work.  This simple modern decoration can be done 5 minutes before the  party starts.  How easy!

Hopefully these pictures will spark your creativity on how to have fun with your pool for  Halloween.  All of these ideas can be done in an inside pool and you can substitute Halloween for  other holidays if you choose to close your swimming pool for the Winter.  Whatever you do have  fun and enjoy your beautiful swimming pool!

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