Owning a swimming pool comes with a lot responsibilities – most of which focus on maintenance and pool repairs.  My next few blog posts will give you information and advice on some of the most common pool repairs. If an issue persists or is not an easy fix,  contact Adams Pool Specialties – a professional resource – to assess the situation.

On to our first pool repair…

Pool Caulking RepairPool Coping Installation Sacramento, CA

Pool caulking between the pool and deck is very important to your swimming pool’s infrastructure. The pool and pool deck need to remain independent of each other; if they com in to contact, the pool tile may crack which may also be an indication that the “beam” that holds the tile and pool coping has cracked. Not a good sign.

Pool coping, beam, and pool tile may also be damaged by water that will freeze and expand with changes in climate. The one pool repair that can ward off all of these dangers is ensureing that the caulk in the expansion joint between the pool deck and the pool itself is maintained. Here’s how…

  1. Measure the length and average width of the expansion join to determine the amount of self-leveling caulking and foam backer rod needed.
  2. Remove the old pool caulking with the assistance of a utility knife, running the blade along each edge of the joint.
  3. Remove the underlayment beneath the caulking and clean the edges of the joint with a wire brush. This will remove old caulking that may still be clinging to the joint edges and insure a good bond with the new caulking.
  4.  To prevent contamination of the new caulking, sweep away dust and debris from the joint and surrounding areas.
  5. Insert the backer rod into the joint uniformly about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch below the surface of the joint.
  6. The new caulking will not bond well if the joint is even slightly damp so be sure this area is completely dry. Let the joint sit for a day to cry out before you apply new caulking.
  7. Choose a two-part caulking kit, such as Deck-O-Seal, or caulking tubes, such as Vulkem. Pool caulk is available in various colors to match your deck or coping stones.
  8. To insure a smooth pour, keep the applicator moving and check behind you as you pour so you can use a tooth pick to burst any small bubbles that form.  Look for any areas that are sunken before it skins over and add more caulking. 
  9. To increase the durability of the surface, sprinkle a fine crystal sand over the surface before the caulking dries.

If you have questions about this pool repair, or would like to have the professionals renovate your pool expansion joint for you, contact Adams Pool Specialties and we’ll help restore your pool caulking and ward off any cracks as a result of pool deck and swimming pool contact.