Limited Warranty

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Limited Warranty

CONTRACTOR warrants swimming pool improvements such as tile & coping, plaster, and Pebble Tec against original defects in material or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of completion of the work covered (Warranty Period) subject to the following limitations: This warranty does not cover damage caused by ground movement or other factors beyond the control of CONTRACTOR. Plaster is not guaranteed against discoloration or staining since such occurrences generally result from inherent plaster characteristics, local water conditions, improper use of chemicals, or the absence of routine pool cleaning and maintenance. The warranty with regard to this contract shall become void if swimming pool is not filled with water at all times. In order to obtain CONTRACTORS performance under this warranty, OWNER must notify CONTRACTOR of any defect, malfunction, or non‑conformity of warranted goods or services in a writing addressed to CONTRACTORS place of business. THE WARRANTIES PROVIDED IN THIS SECTION SHALL NOT BE EFFECTIVE UNTIL OWNER MAKES FINAL PAYMENT AS PROVIDE FOR IN THE PAYMENT SCHEDULE. EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED FOR IN THIS AGREEMENT, CONTRACTOR DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

Pebble Tec Warranty Information

Your pool’s interior has just been surfaced with Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen® or Pebble Fina™ brand pool finish, a long lasting and naturally beautiful finish. There are a few points we would like you to know to maintain your warranty, prevent stains and discoloration and extend the life of your pool finish.

  • The natural beauty of the finish will not be seen until the pool is full of water, filtered and chemically balanced.
  • During the Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen and Pebble Fina pool finish process, cement is washed away from the surface of the finish. This cement and water is sometimes left in the yard in a wooden box or container. A separate crew will return within a few days to remove the container and its contents.
  • This finish consists of pebbles and cement and will vary in color, shades, consistency and exposure. This is the intended look. The color and beauty will vary throughout the day as the sunlight reflects from different angles.
  • It is recommended that you periodically (approximately once per week) brush your Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen or Pebble Fina pool finish, especially in areas that accumulate debris and/or in areas with poor circulation as brushing will assist in keeping the surface clean.
  • Pebbles will come loose during the curing process (usually in the first few weeks). It is normal to experience a small loss of pebbles for a short period of time after the pool startups. Don’t worry. There are approximately 42 million pebbles in your pool!

To Pool Owners:

Warranty Validation must be submitted to Pebble Technology, Inc., within 30 days after the pool finish is applied to activate your warranty.

Pebble Technology, Inc, hereafter referred to as PTI, warrants its aggregate products, Pebble Tec®/Pebble Sheen™, against failure for five (5) years from the date of installation. In the event of failure, PTI shall, upon notification of such failure, instruct its applicator to file proper reports of verification. Upon receipt of this verification, PTI shall send applicator on behalf of homeowner, all Pebble Tec®/Pebble Sheen™ material required to refinish or repair the pool.

Warranty Limitations:

  1. Pebble Tec®/Pebble Sheen™ material (aggregate only) is covered only when installed by an Authorized Pebble Tec®/Pebble Sheen™ Applicator. (Adams Pool Specialties is an authorized applicator.)
  2. Some loss of stone is expected, especially in a new installations; this is not to be considered a failure.
  3. It is understood that natural stone and application techniques can result in color variations in tone and appearance. This variation in pool shades is not to be considered a failure. These color and shade variations are one of the highlights of the natural pebble pool.
  4. The Applicator shall have the right to repair the area of failure only, at their option. Pebble Tec®/Pebble Sheen™ material replacement is limited to this repair. It is understood that some cosmetic variation may result.
  5. PTI warrants the Pebble Tec ®/Pebble Sheen™ material only and is not responsible for labor to repair said material. Labor warranties will vary from state to state and dealer to dealer.
  6. Subsequent costs as to water replacement, chemicals, land and loss of use of the pool are not covered.
  7. This warranty shall not include pools which have been abused physically or through lack of proper chemical balancing, chlorine applications or other abuses.
  8. Minor surface checking, cracks and minor cracks caused by structural damage are excluded from this warranty.
  9. Warranty is not valid unless the gold copy of this warranty validation and the warranty card are returned to PTI by Homeowner.