Would your kids rather hang out at the river than by your pool? Is it because your pool is drab or in need of repairs? When even your kids are avoiding the pool, it’s time for a renovation. The following pool remodeling tips give you some ideas on how you can beautify a shabby swimming pool and create an oasis that you and your family will enjoy for decades!

  • Expand your pool deck. The design of your pool deck plays a major role in the landscape of your swimming pool. It is the area where you and your kids can do sunbathing, entertaining, grilling, and other activities.  There are plenty of designs to offer and most pool specialists offer extremely wonderful layouts. Be ready to customize pool remodeling ideas presented to you so you can get exactly what you want.

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  • Add eye-catching water features and leave everyone in awe. In remodeling your swimming pool, make sure to include water features, not necessarily the most expensive, just something that would make yourself and your kids enjoy your swimming pool even more. Water features have different purposes which you may want to consider when deciding on the pool design. There are water effects, deck jets, laminar water features, and decorative accents. Choose one that best fits your purpose and personality!
  • Add pool lights for entertaining, safety and relaxation. A plain pool can become spectacular with better lighting. Pool lighting creates both a relaxing and stunning atmosphere, just how you want your swimming pool to be when your entertaining or simply unwinding. If you thinking about remodeling your pool with new lighting features, you’d be happy to know that Adams Pool Specialists has an extensive selection of incandescent, LED, and halogen pool lights you can choose from.  Aside from relaxation, keep in mind that lights are very important in keeping everyone safe when swimming at night. Make sure you have enough lighting the next time the kids want go night swimming!