Pool Remodeling Tips to Keep Your Pool Looking Cool

Would your kids rather hang out at the river than by your pool? Is it because your pool is drab or in need of repairs? When even your kids are avoiding the pool, it’s time for a renovation. The following pool remodeling tips give you some ideas on how you can beautify a shabby swimming

Pump it Up and Save

Are you thinking of having your own swimming pool in Sacramento but the thought of the expenses is making you feel unsure? Sometimes when we think of swimming pools, we can’t help but think of the expenses that come with it. But there is way to reduce the two biggest swimming pool expenses: water and

When it’s Time to Close Your Pool for the Winter…

Okay, I know it's still August, but I just want you to be prepared once the days become cooler. As it is,closing a swimming pool down for the winter is a gradual process as it's best to take time to do it right. This will prevent pool problems during the winter season and avoid any

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Is Pool Water Evaporation Robbing Your Wallet?

One of the hidden costs in owning a swimming pool or spa is discovered in water evaporation. Water costs money, but swimming pool water costs even more when it is chemically treated. If you're pool has a nasty habit of evaporating water, your wallet (not to mention water conservation efforts) may be at risk. Swimming