One of the hidden costs in owning a swimming pool or spa is discovered in water evaporation. Water costs money, but swimming pool water costs even more when it is chemically treated. If you’re pool has a nasty habit of evaporating water, your wallet (not to mention water conservation efforts) may be at risk.

Swimming pool water evaporation rate varies depending on climate and regions as more water evaporates during warmer tempuratures than cooler. Jumping and splashing in water is also a contributing factor to evaporation. On average, losing half an inch to an inch per week is normal but can be a great strain on water supply.

Reduce Swimming Pool Water Evaporation
The best way to reduce water evaporation is to cover your pool or spa with a solar blanket or automatic cover. Swimming pool covers reduce evaporation by up to 98% which can add up to a tremendous amount of savings on water, operation costs, and chemical consumption.

If the pool cover solution doesn’t work for you, another option is to plant bushes and trees around the permeter of the swimming area. Fences and gates also help.

Another great structure for reducing swimming pool evaporation is to enclose your swimming area. Swimming pool enclosures such as sunrooms and conservatories capture most evaporation, trap the water molecules which can later condence and fall back into the pool allowing you to retain most of the original water level.

If you decide to combine two or more of the above methods, you’re savings may triple!

Here’s to your future water and dollar conservation!