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Tips to Removing Algae from Swimming Pools

All it takes for algae to develop in your swimming pool is the chlorine level dropped below 1ppm. Chlorine levels between 1.0 and 3.0ppm will keep your pool from turning shades of green. You can find out the optimum chlorine level for your pool by using a special test kit available in pool supply stores. Once you have algae, however, you have to get rid of it and there are several ways you can choose from to solve your green dilemma.

Before beginning any treatment process, use a pool brush to clean the algae of the sides and floor of the pool to break up the algae and help the chemicals work faster.

Give Your Pool Chlorine Shock Treatment

Even if you have a light green shade of water, you need to double shock your pool in order to kill all the algae. Follow the guidelines below for double shock treatment recommendations:

Pounds of Shock Pool Gallons
2 10,000 or less
4 20,000
6 30,000

For dark green pools, triple the chlorine shock recommendations.

Before shocking your pool, blend the granular chemical with some water in a bucket so that the chemicals dissolve quickly. (Never add water to a chemical, always add chemicals to water.) Pour the blend very slowly into your swimming pool so all the water from the bucket is carried out into the pool and doesn't settle to the floor of the pool. Use your pool skimmer or filtration system to help mix, speed up the oxidization process, and distribute the shock treatment.

Prevent Green Pool Water with Algaecide

A quick and easy method to remove algae from your pool is to use an algaecide. Algaecide is a chemical treatment for swimming pools, fish ponds and other 'water features' that kills algae.

There are two main types of algaecide: metallic (copper and silver) and quaternary ammonia. Both types are effective, but ammonia tends to be used more often because it's both less expensive than metallic algaecide and not as likely to stain the pool. The only problem with it is that it tends to suds up, which some people find annoying. Also, if you have black algae, rather than the usual green, look for an algaecide specially formulated to kill this tougher species of algae. Whichever you choose, the algaecide should contain at least 30% active ingredient (metal or ammonia). Less than that and the treatment isn't likely to be effective. After you add the algaecide, give it at least a day to work before do anything else with the pool.

Regular used of algaecide provides other benefits: you can use less chlorine for water purification, resulting in water that is more pleasant to swim in and reduces the effects of eye stinging chemicals. Algaecide also prolongs the life of your pool filtration system because less plant material clogs the filters and intakes of your pool pump.

Combine Algaecide with Shock Treatment

This is the most effective method of ridding your pool of algae. Use the algaecide before the shock treatment otherwise you may stop the algaecide from working.

After Algaecide, After Chlorine Shock Treatment
Once the algae are dead, vacuum them up out of the swimming pool. Also, remember to clean out the filters again so no algae are left in the pool to give a foothold to another algae bloom. Finally, check the chemical levels in the pool and make sure they're correct for your pool.

Algae are a common nuisance for many swimming pool owners. With proper maintenance, though, it's not too hard to keep algae away. The best prevention method is to keep your pool clean by making sure the free chlorine level is high enough and follow the pool manufacture's guidelines for upkeep. Keep your pool in good shape and you'll be able to avoid the hassle of using algaecides or, worse, having to drain the whole pool just to get rid of swimming pool algae.

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