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3M™ Colorquartz™: The Exceptional Pool Plastering Choice

3M Color Quartz - Aegean GreenWhen you choose 3M™ Colorquartz™ Crystals, your pool will be completely unique: the patterns of texture and color, the specific hue of your chosen color, and the way the color becomes richer over time. All this, in addition to striking beauty and long‑lasting durability, are what discriminating pool and spa owners consider to be some of the real joys of owning a pool with Colorquartz Chrystals.

Colorquartz Crystals are highly durable, easy to maintain, and will give you years of vibrant color and beautiful shine. Colorquartz Crystals from 3M aren't just a finish, but a beautiful beginning.

3M™ Colorquartz™ Highlights

  • Colorquartz Crystals resist fading, even when exposed to harsh sunlight and pool chemicals.
  • The hand‑troweled finish allows applicators to create beautiful natural variations.
  • The distribution of 3M™ Colorquartz™ Crystals is random with natural variations of pattern for a interior pool finish that is as unique as you.
  • 3M™ Colorquartz™ Crystals can help bring your pool closer to your ideal color, becoming richer over time and lasting longer.
  • Colorquartz blends (along with light, shadow, and water depth) influence your pool or spa's water color.
  • 3M™ Colorquartz™ endurance out performs standard pool plaster by 5 to 10 years.

Enduring Beauty and Strength Equals Less Pool Maintenance

Colorquartz Crystals are made out of quartz, one of nature's hardest minerals. Learn more about quartz pool plaster material. These crystals are proven to enhance the strength and durability of your pool. This color is also strong. It will resist harsh pool chemicals and bright sunlight for years without fading.

Experience the Power of Pool Plaster Variation

From wood to marble, nature uses the power of variation in pattern, texture and color to create beauty. In the same way, the variations in Colorquartz Crystals make your pool more beautiful. First, the crystals are randomly distributed within the pool plaster. Then, the hand‑troweled finish allows them to create beautiful natural variations.

The Enduring Swimming Pool Renovation that Keeps Transforming

As your pool cures over time from use, cleaning, sunlight and pool chemicals, more of the crystals are exposed. This causes the color of your pool to become deeper and richer. This transformation is especially prominent in the first few years.

Colorquartz standard blends provide a nice combination of durability and color. Premium blends provide the most visual impact to pool and spa owners who want maximum surface durability and deeper, more intense tones. Premium splash blends offer the maximum level of surface durability while providing a more traditional look. Although 3M provides recommended blend formulas, as experienced plasterers, Adams Pool Specialties may adapt these formulas to meet variations in weather, equipment or your preference.

While Colorquartz Crystals will influence your pool's water color, the ultimate water color is the result of a number of factors including: the surrounding landscape, the pool size and shape, even the direction of the sun and the weather. By working closely with Adams Pool Specialties, you can select the colors that do the best job of bringing your pool closer to your ideal color.

What to Expect from a Colorquartz Crystal Pool Plastering

As part of start up, a Colorquartz pool will undergo a natural curing process. For example, a newly resurfaced Colorquartz pool may appear blotchy or mottled due to an excess layer of "cream" on the surface. This is corrected overtime as the top "cream" layer of plaster is removed naturally, exposing an increasing number of crystals. This creates a stronger finish with a more brilliant color. This process can be accelerated by various procedures. For more information about such procedures, ask Adams Pools Specialties.

3M Color Quartz Crystals

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